Micro Guard 47 startup team, including Bridget Bejarano, Christian Dier, and James Sama.
I led the initiative to create a direct-to-consumer product out of our antimicrobial film, designing the packaging and prototyping the design of both the film and the packaging.
How can we make a package that is composed of as close to 100% biodegradable and/or recycled materials as possible?
I began with two types of constraints: fit of components and sustainability. I also wanted to focus on creating an exciting and intuitive unboxing experience. I searched for inspiration that met all of these criteria, taking the most exciting and sustainable options and creating designs that were similar but fit all of our components. I shared these designs with the team, tweaked them as we saw fit, and I then had to make sure that we could source materials both for prototyping and potentially for a small-scale run
Through this project, I learned about package design, how to create a unique unboxing experience, graphic design, and marketing. I also learned about sourcing for different levels of production.
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